Writing Inspiration

Whether you had a fever dream, an enlightening acid trip, or simply struck by lightning (be it proverbial or real), everyone has some inspiration for their writing. And some are more unique than others.

The source material is a story in itself, and are always interesting for me to read. They give insight into the writer’s thought process and often can explain their meaning.

You got one? Share! Please?

Sometimes there are multiple sources. A pyramid of inspiration, you will.The basis of my pyramid is, naturally, Lord of the Rings. Oh yes, I’m super original. But let me explain.I first picked up The Hobbit way back in 2nd Grade. Not because I thought the story sounded interesting, but because it was worth a ton of Accelerated Reader points. And damn, did I want to be the person with the most points that year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen until 3rd Grade. Which was the year of The Lord of the Rings (minus The Return of the King) and Harry Potter for me.

When I was nine, I was finally able to watch the LOTR movies. And the result was only natural for a young, naive story-teller. I made up a character to insert in the world while forcing my sister to play LOTR with me.Boy is it disappointing that she eventually developed different interests from me. Maybe I ruined it with my incessant re-watches of LOTR, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

But yes, long before Kyrae was ever Kyrae, she was a character I made up to play LOTR with my little sister. And as the years went by, her own story developed when I asked the question “What would a story be like if the hero was the villain?”

Fourteen years later, here I am sitting with a 90,000 page manuscript starting Kyrae down that path. And long story long, it doesn’t matter where your inspiration came from. So long as your story and characters are your own and you had a ton of fun along the way.

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